Electrical Contracting Services

G Technology sets the industry’s standard for providing professional, clean, quality workmanship on every job site. Safety is ingrained into our company culture, and customer satisfaction is essential to our success.

G Technology maintains high standards of safety, cleanliness, and professionalism.  Our commitment is to bring this standard to every job site.

Our 24 Hour Emergency Service validates our dedication to your operations.


Project Management

Our Project Management team consistently determines the most efficient, cost-effective ways to perform each task; as well as, maintains an open line of communication to meet deadlines.

All projects are carefully engineered and designed by our in-house engineering team to ensure code compliance and optimal functionality.

Project Plan Review
Bucket Truck Safety

Our Safety Standard

Safety is among the fundamentals in construction. G Technology invests in periodic safety training and implements safety practices and procedures to ensure the well-being of our employees. OSHA, Ariel Lift, and DOT certifications, among others, are kept up to date, and all work is conducted in compliance with current code regulations.

Service Work

When electrical systems are not functioning properly, not only is it an inconvenience, but it also leads to inefficiencies in performance and productivity. Our 24 hour response team is dedicated to resolving electrical issues quickly and efficiently, to resume operations with as little disruption as possible.

Installation & Maintenance

From repairs to new installation, our professional technicians ensure delivery of quality work in a safe manner. We pride ourselves in leaving each jobsite as clean, or cleaner than we found it.

Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance includes systematic inspections, testing and servicing of electrical systems, in order to detect and correct potential failures in electrical equipment and/or components before they become major issues. Preventative maintenance contracts contribute to a safer work environment.

Site Work

Whether new construction or repair and maintenance, our crews are equipped to handle underground excavation and site work. Our technicians are trained to comply with all code requirements and safety standards to avoid damages to underground utilities.

Conduit Installation

Panel Upgrades/Replacements


Control Engineering & Design

Underground Utility Tracing

Accurately identifying underground utilities before conducting excavation work is crucial to prevent unwanted breaks and project delays, as well as potential safety hazards.  Utilities are traced and color-coded to identify existing site conditions. Our various utility surveys cover underground electrical cables, communications cables, conduits, water lines, irrigation lines, and sewer systems. Additional options for custom reporting and imaging of site findings may be provided upon request.

Thermographic Imaging & Reporting

Thermographic Imaging, or more commonly known as Infrared Testing, is used to detect abnormal heat patterns in electrical systems to prevent energy inefficiencies, power outages, or potential fires.  Our team of certified Thermographers are trained to diagnose and provide solutions to prevent potential safety hazards.

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Infrared Testing

Lighting Installation & Maintenance

G Technology performs specialized lighting services for new and existing construction. We proudly serve Commercial, Industrial, Institutional, and Hospitality industries with one goal in mind: Customer Satisfaction.


Interior Lighting

In any facility, safe operations are contingent on proper illumination.  Lighting upgrades and group-relamping are commonly among the most cost-effective investments administered, due to available rebates and projected energy cost savings.

Lighting Maintenance in Industrial Building

Exterior Lighting

Exterior lighting is essential for business operations.  Not only does it illuminate building perimeters, but also provides a level of security for employee entrances and dock doors. Routine maintenance of lighting systems ensures optimal performance and cost-effectiveness for years to come.

Saucon Village Lighting Project

Lighting Maintenance Contracts

G Technology provides tailored lighting maintenance contracts, consisting of surveilling your property’s exterior lighting and conducting routine lighting repairs as needed. The frequency of our site visits is determined by each customer’s specific needs, whether that be weekly, monthly, or quarterly site surveillance.

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Interior Lighting Maintenance Services are also extended to the building’s Tenants upon request.


Reliable Networking and Communications Technology

Technology has evolved into an essential requirement of any organization and innovates the way we conduct business. Reliable communications not only enhance internal operations but also lay the infrastructure for smart system integration.


Voice & Data Solutions

Each organization requires a unique networking infrastructure, capable of accommodating security and storage requirements, as well as system support demands. Our IT services include the design, configuration, and support of networking systems, procuring to optimize performance and manage vulnerability. Support and maintenance contracts are tailored to client-specific needs.

We pride ourselves in being industry leaders in technology solutions. From design to implementation, our team of certified professionals are experienced in new installation, repair, and service of data and fiber optic cabling and termination.

Network Testing
CCTV Installation with Bucket Truck

CCTV & Surveillance Systems

Increase security, while deterring theft and vandalism, with high definition video surveillance.  Monitor assets remotely from any laptop, smartphone, or tablet with complete system visibility.  G Technology conducts specialized system design and installation services, down to system setup, personnel training, and support.


Building Management and Automation Systems

Building automation facilitates productivity, performance, and efficiency.  By identifying and addressing energy inefficiencies systems can be automated to optimize energy management, reduce maintenance costs, and maximize comfort.

Our specialized technicians are dedicated to providing complete system design, installation, training, and support for smart systems and integrated technologies.


Commercial Building with Smart Technology

Smart System Integration

Advanced technology offers energy efficient connectivity. Convert and transform new and existing buildings into intelligent facilities by taking control of HVAC, Security, Lighting and Environmental Control systems. Improve comfort and convenience with smart system integration, while maximizing security and reducing operating costs.

Lighting & Environmental Controls

Enhance your board meeting experience with pre-determined lighting configurations and automated shade connectivity, paired with environmental controls for optimal comfort and efficiency.

Audio/Video Solutions

Interactive presentations are significant for corporate education and collaboration. Increase engagement by integrating audio/visual solutions.

Self Monitored Security

Protect, monitor and control your premises with the latest innovative technology. Smart connectivity affords comprehensive intrusion detection, environmental monitoring, and restricted access solutions to enhance security measures.

Access Control Systems

Regulate foot traffic throughout your facility by authorizing or restricting access to designated areas with sophisticated, customizable access control solutions. Coupled with door locking systems and card readers, controllability is guaranteed with the highest level of security.

List of Services


  • Service Upgrades & Replacements
  • Panel Upgrades & Replacements
  • Motor Control Center
  • Switchgear
  • Disconnect Switches
  • Transformers
  • Temporary Power
  • Electrical Wiring & Raceways
  • Air Compressor System
  • Heating Systems


  • Troubleshooting & Diagnostics


  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) Systems
  • Back-Up Generators
  • Transfer Switches


  • Thermal Infrared Testing & Inspection
  • Troubleshooting


  • Essential Electrical Systems & Critical Circuits
  • Fire Systems


  • Building Management Solutions
  • System Integration